Uncle Osman

In the fair food store and cafeteria of Postane Istanbul, where the Centre for Spatial Justice (Mekanda Adalet Derneği) is a stakeholder,… Read More

Return to the Village ‘On Rice’

After retiring from civil service in Bursa, Ayhan Kaleli started looking for ways to spend more time in his village in Artvin and hence found… Read More

A Space of Hope in Bayburt

The Baksı Museum is a project brought to life by artist and academic Hüsamettin Koçan in the village of his birth, motivated by the desire… Read More

Counter-HEPP Struggles
in the Bayburt Countryside

“The Court Has Ruled: the HEPP Project in Dikmetaş is Cancelled! A verdict has been reached in the case brought against the HEPP project planned… Read More