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Melet Field Team Ayşe Adanalı, Yaşar Adnan Adanalı, M. Cevahi̇r Akbaş, Özgür Ceylan Aytaç, Bahar Bayhan, Duygu Dağ, Si̇nan Erensü, Gül Ersan, Ertuğrul Gazi̇… Read More


Çoruh Field Team Ayşe Adanalı, Yaşar Adnan Adanalı, Ekin Çekiç, Duygu Dağ, Sinan Erensü, Volkan Işıl, Cemre Kara, Alp Tekin Ocak, Onur Temel, Selin… Read More

From Karşıköy to Dereseki:
“What Am I Doing Here?”

We set out towards the neighbourhood of Soğuksu in Beykoz. This is an effort to keep an account of the settlements on the banks of… Read More

Portraits of Çoruh

Super/Natural Stories of
a Çoruh Turning Sluggish

Çoruh, one of the world’s fastest flowing rivers, and its home basin have lately been undergoing massive changes. At the core of this transformation is… Read More

What is Basin Research? is a product of the Environment Justice Program run by the Center for Spatial Justice. In our thematically structured research, we travel across a… Read More

Destructive projects on our radar

With narrations by Gül Ersan and Ertuğrul Gazi Gönül from ORÇEV, we provide an informative account of project areas we visited on our field trip… Read More

The abandoned dogs of the valley

Among the most disconcerting sights of our two-day journey from the point where the Melet meets the Black Sea to the river source were the… Read More

“Pollute first, pay later” era in crimes against the environment

In its fourth section titled “Discontinuance of Proceedings and Set-Aside of Convictions”, the Turkish Penal Code (TPC) lays down matters relating to the death… Read More