Yusufeli’nin Belirsizlik Gündemi

Çevre mücadeleleri, yerel siyaset alanında neden genellikle etki yaratmıyor? Neden bu işler birbiri ile konuşamıyor, birbiri ile örtüşen hale getirilmiyor, diye bir şikayet var. Aslında… Read More

“No need to be afraid,
Yusufeli is a beautiful place”

The district center of Yusufeli, which will be submerged once the construction of the Yusufeli Dam is finalized, will be moved for the seventh time. … Read More

“Yusufeli is giving you its past and future”

District head of İyi Party and lawyer Recep Akyürek explains the Yusufeli Dam lawsuit which has been taken to the European Court of Human Rights… Read More

“Uncertainties are hanging above us like dark clouds”

Barış Demirci, a lawyer from Yusufeli, was a candidate from the Republican People’s Party (CHP) in the 2019 Municipal Elections. The election resulted first in… Read More

“We hope that our grandchildren will not have to talk about the dams anymore”

Eyüp Aytekin, Yusufeli Mayor for the past three terms, talks about the problems of the district, which will be completely evicted when Yusufeli Dam is… Read More