Return to the Village ‘On Rice’

After retiring from civil service in Bursa, Ayhan Kaleli started looking for ways to spend more time in his village in Artvin and hence found… Read More

Counter-HEPP Struggles
in the Bayburt Countryside

“The Court Has Ruled: the HEPP Project in Dikmetaş is Cancelled! A verdict has been reached in the case brought against the HEPP project planned… Read More

“No doubt, we will meet again!”

As we stand glancing around at the village center, two people in front of a small shed, which seems like both a grocery and a… Read More

The Uncertain Fate of Laleli

Once you leave the Baksı Village and follow the river Çoruh, you would pass through endless shades of browns. Over the steppe that stretches before… Read More

Living on the Danger Threshold

It’s a long story my girl, call me in the evening and we’ll talk then. This is Havuzlu, a village in Artvin’s Yusufeli… Read More

Uncertainties and Coping with Destruction:
Mukhtars of Artvin are Narrating

*This text consists of a collection of the phone interviews conducted with the mukhtars of settlements which have been or will be completely or partially… Read More

Now Nothing But a Name:
Vegetable Growers (Sebzeciler) Village

Routes accompanied by water perhaps make for the most enjoyable of journeys. In journeys of this kind, seas or rivers sometimes hide behind mountains or… Read More